20 2 / 2011

Benefit Porefessional, £22.50, Nationwide Benefit Counters and Department Stores

Benefit have called this their hero product, editor’s haven’t stopped gracing it on their beauty pages and bloggers are all talking about it…after all of the hype, I decided to purchase this wonder balm and try it out for myself.

This product has been a saviour for my skin and make-up regime and i’m officially a member of the porefessional¬†fan club! I have oily skin and do suffer from open pores, but when applying the balm I couldn’t believe my eyes when my pores disappeared! It made my skin look so smooth and had a really silky texture, and my foundation glided on easily and my skin looked matte and flawless. I have tried a few primers, but this ranks on the top of my list.

Rating: 5/5

N.B* This is only a cover-up for pores and is a temporary solution to mask them and not a treatment.

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